Character Profile: Lady Elizabeth



Little is known about the enchantress named Lady Elizabeth. She is several centuries old and has powers to control certain elements. She controls an eagle named Sildor which is her trusted familiar. The legend of Elizabeth is a long one. It says that she was not in fact born a Dryad but converted to one when her mother placed a spell on her to keep her safe. But through this act Elizabeth was trapped in the tree. For hundreds of years she waited, until one day a thief happened by her tree and with a single gesture, Elizabeth was freed. Finding a new world unlike she had ever known Elizabeth remained in Sherwood forest as it's last guardian. When the vigil fled into Sherwood Forest to escape pursuit, The Lady took special note of wildfire. Seeing him as a threat to her forest she wasn't very forthcoming with the benefit of the doubt and a small altercation ensued. Being amused with the exploits of these heroes the Lady decided to join them, if only to safeguard her greenery from them as well as the world.

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