Well, if you're here at my web site, you must already know a little bit about me, but if you just got here by accident, or wanted to know what would happen if you typed in http://nightcrusade.com/about_me.htm in your computer well, this is where it takes you. Happy? Well anyway, this being my personal website, this section will introduce you to my life and the people in it that make it worth living. I love pictures so don't be surprised in the fact that if you do know me, then you will see your picture on my site. Ok? Ok.

Well first of all, as of March 2003 I am 24 years old and am single with no kids. I live in the state of GA with my dad and aunt. We really don't live on a farm, but don't tell my dad that. We have a variety of chickens and ducks that call our place home as well. Oh the wretched fowls how I despise them.

My Father is a Brick Mason and is self employed.

 My Aunt works at a plant nursery and also does housework. And for all of you out there who have always wondered, the answer is yes, I do have a mother.

 My mother resides in a nice place called Red Top Mountain Estates, it's located on.... yes, Red Top Mountain.... How'd you know? Oh.... My mother works at Lockheed and Martin where she works on airplanes by connecting circuit boards and wiring. This brings me to my one and only hermono. That's Spanish for brother for all of you who took French in High School. 

Allen lives in Jasper with his wife Tina and My Awesome new Nephew Brady Allen Brooks. I have various other cousins too, but I'd bore you to death if I named them all and where they live and so on and so forth.

I graduated from Cherokee High school in 1997

It was an ok school I guess. It was a typical high school. From here I went on to Graduate from Beautiful Toccoa Falls College. It is a nice little Christian college in the foothills of the Smokey's.

Now, instead of having the great counseling job I wanted, I try to get by with what I can find. Which is currently working for the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department.

I guess that's all of any real interest about me. Everything else you may find interesting is on the other pages of this site, so look around take your shoes off, and enjoy the sites and sounds of NightCrusade.com.

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