Character Profile: the black scorpion



The Black Scorpion started his tight wearing career at an early  age. unfortunately he wasn't A GOOD guy. Michael grew up under a heavy pressurizing mother who was never satisfied with anything he did. The heavy burden of trying to satisfy her soon grew to be too much and he began his life of crime. Not knowing of the Red scorpion Michael  chose to outfit himself in a dark outfit and chose the totem of a creature that was known for inflicting great pain to others. Not satisfied with wreaking havoc by himself the black scorpion formed a band of villains called the undergrounders. They were soon defeated by the Night Crusade and Michael was once again on his own. Needing some quick cash he went into mining, but when that didn't pan out he tried to make amends by joining the night crusade. actually he just wanted to get close enough to kill them all. His failed attempted marriage to nightcat was the last straw for trying to be good. He devised an intricate plan to get his revenge on the red scorpion by killing the red scorpion's father. The trapster then took michael as part of his gathered forces to unleash against the Night Crusade. Fed up with being controlled and manipulated the Black Scorpion became a recluse until being approached by his current team mates. Now with people who believe that he can do the right thing he fights once again on the side of the angels. Even though his wings are still a little dirty.

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