Camping Trip 2004

During the memorial Day weekend the gang got together and did what men have been doing since the beginning of time. We decided to face the wilderness and go CAMPING!!!!!

The First order of business was to assemble our mansions before we got soaked.


First stop, the kuehne residence.

Second on the trail, Camp Watson

Then we approach Hotel Ramsey

And Finally the Brooks house of love

Ashley was very excited to be there

Group shot!

Group shot 2!

group shot 3! Smokin!!!!!

Not the babies!!! Don't leave us with the babies!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Life's a Beach!

Fun in the Sun Watson and D

Time to hit the water

Fishing is Fun with Ryann!

"Keith! Keith! Oh Dear God!!!!"

"Ok! ok! Enough is enough let's go home"

"Home? Home is good, with no annoying weenie dogs to eat."

"The dog has spoken, weird, let's go home!"

The trip was great, and tiring, and wet. Everyone should brave the wilderness once a year to get ticks, sleep on the hard ground, smell bad, and get absolutely no rest!!!! A special thanks to Ben and Liz for sorting out the details and giving us an exciting four days!!!!!!!!!

For More Great Pics of the trip, visit Ben and Liz's Group Camping trip 2004 Page on their website at:

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