Classic Night Crusade 

The Night Crusade was created in June of 1993 and like all great comics, cartoons, and anything created, it took us a while to establish a model for each character and a standard format of the book. In the Classic Night Crusades you can look forward to....absolutely none of that!!!! The truth is, for the first 30 or 40 issues I could care less about how I drew. What mattered to me was getting my stories across. I had no Idea how to draw even if I wanted too. I'm not saying today I'm the best there is at what I do, actually I still suck, but it's a good kind of suck as opposed to the I don't care if I suck. Anyway back to the history of the Night Crusade. I decided to break the comics down into series, sort of like seasons with TV shows. The First Series was affectionately called.....


 The First Missions.

Yes, it all started here way back in 1993. We were introduced to the most wacky group of super heroes since the likes of The Tick, and Darkwing Duck. The drawings were cheesy but the stories were down right hilarious. Actually the drawings made them even more funnier than they already were. "Hey what's that coming out of the side of wildfires body, is it a tree branch? Oh No, that's his leg!" During the first years I was drawing, I had a lot to establish. The most frustrating part of creating the comic was that it had to start from somewhere. I pulled my hair out trying to think of good origins for the characters and try to steer clear of any popular comic mythos. Another hard part was coming up with good bad guys. Also, plots were difficult. So you could see in The First Missions there really wasn't any major storylines, but the issues did connect like one big long comic. That was what I shot for, and I think it happened. In some ways Night Crusade has always been more of a Drama than an action comic. I mean really, I wasn't any good at drawing action scenes, so there was a lot of talking and trying to settle things without the real physical solutions. 


First Mission Milestones



The Mr. Fancy Pants Era and Beyond

When I was at Cherokee High School I had a Teacher that told me once, "If you're gonna do something you may as well do it to the best of your ability."  Taking his words to heart I decided to look at my comics as something that may be valuable or worth something more than what they were, so I devised a new way of drawing. I called it the Mr. Fancy Pants style and I've used it ever since. The main problem with my drawings was that I'd just sit down with my black pen and go at it, but in doing this I messed up a lot and had to either go with it, or hide it someway. This ended with my new way of drawing. I decided to add another step in my drawing process. The first thing I'd do was draw the picture in pencil, and then go over it in pen. Yes I know what you're all thinking. Well, everybody knows that's how you're supposed to do it." But I was 14 and you couldn't tell me anything. Needless to say the comic looked better, but I also worked harder on telling a good story. Granted I didn't always succeed and at one point really wrote myself into a corner, and came up with a totally ridiculous way to resolve the situation but hey, at least you could tell it was a leg!!!


Mr. Fancy Pants Milestones


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