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I just wanted to let everyone know that is a great website.  Any self respecting comic fan or any one with any sort of imagination should check it out. I have enjoyed reading about Nightcrusade's creator and the various members of this super hero team.  Can't wait to check back soon to see all the new additions.  By the way this opinion is unsolicited and only slightly biased.

 Matt Sheets (Cortex)

That is a GREAT website - I love it - I haven't had a chance to look through the entire thing but I think it is wonderful!!!!!

    Julie (Poss) Norman (Nightcat)


well, well, well, Mr Ryan is alive and well on Planet Earth.  and he has been busy too.  and he just gave Jerry his email list so I can email all of you friends or foes.
 hey, you do have talent, great web site.

    Jerry McGuirt

I liked the sight (lots of fun) but on your specks for me I'm 6'4" not 5'11". You just can't stand me being taller than you. lol. Well, I guess that's not the worse of it because I'm also like 50 something! Do I really look that old? Thanks for the entertainment Ryan.  Peace out. Mike

Mike Stephens

Dear Crusading Comments,  I have been a Night Crusade fan ever since the first issue. NC has really come along way since those days when it was drawn on notebook paper and the only way to get a copy was for you to personally bring it to my house. That's the kind of service you don't get from many comics publishers these days. The new NC Gold online editions are great. It's fun reading the old stuff again with all the little enhancements. I have a suggestion for the library. If it's not too much trouble could you try putting the issues in a downloadable ZIP format. The pdf's load kind of slow on my computer so I always have to stop reading while the next few frames load in. If I could just get it all at once it'd be a lot better. Well, til next time keep the adventures coming. Your #1 fan (literally),


Michael N. Davis (Nightstriker)