Character Profile: Dr. Psycho



Dr. Leah Dunham was an expert in the study of gene mutation. She made great breakthroughs in isolating mutant genes, and experimenting with them. However her unorthodox experiments received very judgmental reviews and most of her fellow colleagues considered her ideas insane. Several of them started to refer to her as Dr. Psycho. In defiance she took the name as her own and continued her research. Finding her experiments unethical and invalid the Scientific research committee filed for  her license to be removed, and membership revoked. Humiliated beyond belief, Leah traveled to England to  continue her research. When she arrived she was employed by Dr. Eugene Carter, a fellow scientist with an interest in Mutagenics. Soon though, it was clear that Dr. Carter was far more extreme and maniacal than even Leah could care for. After Saving Wildfire from the good doctors clutches she joined the Vigil.

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