Engagement Party: Part 2

I decided to return home for a day to do laundry, and collect My unemployment check and then head somewhere SUNNY! I thus embarked on the six or so hour drive to Florida to see Matt and Jessica Sheets. Needless to say they were thrilled to see me!!!!!


"HOW???? HOW DID YOU FIND US????NO!!!!!!!"

"Hello, Witness Protection Agency? Boy do I have a bone to pick with you guys!!!!!"

This was their evil Cat Beast! Evil because It will attack from out of nowhere! And when you look into it's eyes, there's nothing there! Just Huge Yellow Orbs trying to hypnotize you to give him TUNA!


Holding them at gun point we decided to take a look at what's in Orlando.

Planet Hollywood Orlando! It was quite a festive place with a lot of movie memorabilia, posters, props, and cool Video Screens. But when I found out they charged $10.00 for a stinking Hamburger I told Matt that I wanted my Money Back! He replied that it would be quite difficult since he paid for everything to begin with. So seeing his logic I demanded HIS Money back!!

A Few days later we took a helicopter to this quaint little Island!

"Awww, Look at the cute little Man Eating Beasts! They're sharing the torn remains of someone's lacerated remains. How sweet!


Yeah I know what you're thinking, It may have been a Twisted Macabre Tree with an Evil Face of Death, but it was a Twisted Macabre Tree with an Evil Face of Death that also had good EATS!!!! MMMMMM More Muffins!!!!!!!!!!

It was a strange island, full of sizzling Fire Caves........


Oversized Bird Cages.............

And really, really, really, small bridges!!!!!!

"Wow thanks for saving us from that horrible Island Captain America!"


"Wow Spidey, thanks for um rescuing me from the ISLAND again."

"No problem fella! So you say Captain America just left you here huh? That's not like him, oh well hey what's on your hat?"

"Who would have thought that Super Heroes were so great?! I hope they lift the quarantine on the Island soon or Ryan might Starve to death. Oh well."

Well all kidding aside, I had a great time, and it was a fun escape from the harshness that I call reality! So what finally made me decide to come back? Well, There was a knock on the door one night......

"Oh my gosh there you are!!!!!! I found you!!! I found you!! You have to come back! NIGHT CRUSADE needs you! The fans need you!!!! Snap out of it! There's always Divorce! Please come Home!"

"Oh that, pfffff, I'm over that. I just enjoy living abroad and bumming off all the friends I've ever made. I don't think I'll ever come back!"

"Oh yes you will! You're coming home right this minute!!!!!"

"Gahhhh! NO!!!!!! I still haven't visited Myke Stephens in Delaware!!!!!!!!! Let me go!!!!!!!!!!!"

And thus came the end of the trip that I affectionately call, Engagement Party.