Engagement Party: Part 1

I'm not engaged, but I think the name is whimsical, and insinuating of why I went on this two week trip. The first week my buddy Rob and I traveled north to Michigan! This is the first week of my trip. The second weeks pictures aren't developed yet Oh well here's some pics and funny captions!!!!!

                            This is a brief view of where I went.


Ah Cincinnati. There was a better picture opportunity but I didn't have my camera ready. Darn Me!

Ah one of our first stops, Liquor World. Friend to the depressed, suicidal, friendless, and me!

"Ryan, you've had enough!"

"Never! I still remember why I came on this trip to begin with. More Liquor, NOW!!!!!

"Ok, I'm hammered enough, We can leave now Rob. Rob? Uh oh!"

"He never shuts up! I've heard about this girl for the past two days and I can't take it anymore! Please Southern Comfort, COMFORT ME!!!!!!"

"Ok could you two please explain to me how you managed to lock yourselves out of a sliding glass door at  11 o'clock at night in your pajamas?"

This is Gabbie. We stayed with her while we were in Michigan, she was really nice and worked alot. Had great movies too!!!!!!!!

This is Gabbies Brother and Nephew. We had to take them to the airport because Nickaboo had to go to the hospital to do some tests.

"Drat, I can't believe it, I'm sure this was the key Gabbie gave us to get back in!"

"Oh let me see that Rob, I was a professional Security Officer and I know all about.... stupid.... locks.....and doors!!!! RARRRR  FRIGGIN THING!!"

Spending time in Michigan was great fun! It was a trip that I'm sure left a lasting impression on Rob.

And  I made a Hot new friend. There was nothing left but the long drive back home. Ah yes, there is nothing like an Arby's Roast Beef  and Cheddar at 5:00 in the morning.


"HOW???? HOW DID YOU FIND US????NO!!!!!!!"