Night Crusade: Final Night

It had taken a while, but soon all of my characters were in place. I had finally established a new team, and it was time to set my massive four year story to action. Final Night was a very good book, it had some of the more interesting stories that I've ever done. Some of my personal favorites were The Cure, Family Ties, Last Rites, and ofcourse the mega Final Night conclusion. This was the book where we had our 100th issue and that was pretty cool. I loved the new Christmas special it was absolutely hilarious. Well to really understand what Final Night was, think of a trilogy of movies like the original Star Wars. In the Empire Strikes Back Lucas takes his characters to the absolute worse case scenarios and ends them there. This was what Final Night was, It was the worst possible scenario and when you saw how it ended, whoo what a bummer. To add more anticipation, I released the Final Night series with the promise that one of the major characters would die. There wasn't a lot of new stuff this season but it was an exciting group of stories, and paved the way to The Next chapter in the Lives of our heroes.  


Final Night Milestones


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