Getting Night Crusade Comics

I Know what some of you are thinking. Where can I get some of these awesome Night Crusade Comics!!!!! And here is the answer. The easiest way to get the comics is to just download them from the site and print them out on your own printer, but if you don't want to fool with wasting your own ink, and would rather I did, then here's what you need to know. Because There is only one copy of each night crusade comic ever made floating around out there, I'd have to send you a copy. Here is a list of FAQ's hopefully any question you have will be answered in the list if not you can always write me with one.



1. What do the copies look like?

In order to make a descent copy of Night Crusade, I have to scan each page in and systematically digitize the words and clean up the drawings a bit. Sometimes I'll even add new pictures to the book, but more or less it stays the same. Copies will not have note book lines and will come front to back stapled like a normal comic book. Plus no ads, well, usually.

2. What Comics Can I get?

We here at BCU have 95% of the comics we have produced. For the most part you can get any of the comics you've seen or heard about. For a more accurate account each comic title has a check list and in the check list you can see what issues were done, and how many. For a complete list of comics we offer check out the BCU Library

3. What Happened to the other 5% of BCU Comics?

About seven years ago there was a great fire that destroyed most of the BCU Building, the remaining 5% of comics were lost during this time. Ok ok, I lied, but the fact is, it sounded a lot better than what actually happened to them. Sigh. Over the span of 10 years certain BCU comics have been lost or destroyed. I'm afraid unless they are discovered by an archeological team they are in fact lost forever. There have been rumors about rewrites, but nothing is concrete as of yet.

4. How much does it cost for a copy?

In the hero business it is always looked down upon to charge people for your services, however, in the real world paper isn't free. We would ask a $1.00 fee per issue just to buy the stamp, envelope, and cover the copying fees (.10 cents per page at the local 7-11). Trust me, this isn't a marketing scheme.

5. What is BCU Gold?

BCU Gold is a new format of comic. You may ask for a copy of any BCU Comic in the BCU Gold Format. This is where we digitally remaster the comic like a regular copy, but we also add color to the entire issue, making it really come alive. For Example

Original Night Crusade             Night Crusade Gold

These are the same picture, However you can see that giving A Night Crusade Comic the GOLD treatment really brings the book a new look.

6. How much is a BCU GOLD Book?

It really depends on which comic you get. The problem with Gold books is the copying. I could easily do the alterations and color on the computer, however my printer isn't capable of printing front to back with a whole page of color, I'm sure it can but if I try The page would probably tear because of the wet ink. So the only alternative I have is to take them to an Office store and have them printed out on a special paper, which really looks nice and feels glossy. The bad part is, to copy color it costs anywhere from .89 cents to $1.15 a page, so just a 10 page issue would run a little over $11.00. I am looking for an alternative. So keep watching the page. Oh and trust me this is the marketing scheme. 

7. Why don't you post the issues on The Night Crusade Web Site

I am in the process, however it will take quite a while to post them all, so if you can't wait for that certain Final Night Issue go ahead and 

8. Where do I send the Money?

Before you send me any money, please e-mail me with a list of the comics that you would like. More than likely We'll be able to copy them for you. Most copies will already come with a color cover even if you don't request BCU Gold. Which you should also mention if you want the Gold version of the book.

9. How long will it take for me to receive my comics?

The time it takes to receive your comics really depends on what you want. If you want 100 issues in BCU GOLD then expect a few weeks wait. However if you just want a plain old copy with a cool color cover, then I could have it out in about a day.  So, there really isn't a definite time frame.