Halloween 2004

Ah with the cool crisp fall breeze in the air it's time for two things, Costumes, and Halloween Parties, most notably Liz's Annual Halloween and Birthday Party! Even though her Birthday isn't til the 4th of November, but hey, who says you can't mix and match?!!!!! 

Childe Ryan to the Dark Party Came*

Tyger Tyger Burning Bright*

The Soup? Uh yeah I made it, it's great we should market it and sell it to O'Charlies. Heh Heh Heh!!

Watson the friendly Zombie

Normal everyday Joe, or malicious ax welding maniac? You decide!!!

Tigress wins costume contest, Gunslinger bites the dust with second!

We keep finding the strangest people to come to this thing

This is my real costume, I'm a Thundercat, HO!!!

 Er I mean Thundercats HO!

* Pictures sneakily took from Ben and Liz's site( http://gallery.benandliz.com/Halloween2004?page=1 )

Steal from my site will ya???!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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