Night Crusade: The Last Bow

wpe5.gif (52080 bytes)Night Crusade: The Last Bow is the current Series I'm working on. This series marks Night Crusade's 10th year anniversary. I've planned on having several 10th year anniversary special issues. Most will revolve around original villains returning to get trounced again by the Night Crusade. The book is also going back to it's original "happy go lucky" attitude with a ton of humor and action. But The Last Bow isn't all fun and games. There will be a lot of drama too. One of the series' first story arcs involves the team actually splitting. Sort of like a X-men Blue and Gold sort of thing, but not as neat and clean. I'm afraid that's all I'm going to tell you about The Last Bow. Also, as the name implies, it is quite possible that this will indeed be the Last of the Night Crusade Series'. I mean really 10 years is quite a long time for anything to go on, except for maybe Star Trek, or The Simpsons.   

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