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The Flight to Yesterday

You’ve traveled the world, and seen every sight

And sitting here; I wonder, where are you tonight


Maybe London England, you could be in Paris France

Watching two wounded lovers, give it one more chance


Do you see the moon, or the clear sunrise

As you travel now, in the bright blue skies


As I look into the sky, I think of you

Flying around this marble of wild blue


And thoughts begin to soar in the clouds of my mind

Taking me toward the heights of a different kind


Memories of you and me with our feet on the ground

Watching dreams in the sky and never looking down


I fly through the days, months and the years

I fly through our laughter, sorrow and tears


I see every precious moment, with you by my side

Then a tear comes because it is the end of the ride


Time to land again, in the here and now

Try to continue with my life somehow


I look up in the sky

Fight the urge to cry


And keep searching for a way

To board the flight to yesterday