The New Night Crusade

Things began to get really busy for me near the end of high school, so busy in fact that I had little time to actually care about my comic. Yes it seemed that the World of Night Crusade was drawing to a close. After I graduated from High school I went on to college and out into the big world to see what it had for me. Well, I found that it was a lot like High School only with a lot more people. I made some great friends and had a lot of fun. At this point in my life I had quit collecting comics and really didn't have a desire to, until I discovered that Toccoa had a comic shop. re-sparking my interest in comics also rejuvenated my want to continue Night Crusade. The only problem was everything in my life was different now, with the exception of my good buddy Watson who went with me to college. Drawing Night Crusade, just somehow wouldn't be the same. So slowly and dauntingly the idea of a New Night Crusade was slipping into my brain. It was like a small spark, and then an ember, and then a flame, and finally it consumed me. I brainstormed for hours about what to do. For the first time I found it easy to create new characters and then I had it! I had the story! It would be the biggest and best Night Crusade saga ever! In one night I came up with a plan and a story that would take four years to be told. And I was pumped and ready to go! There was only one small problem. The Last Night Crusade Story I did was Paradise Lost. And that had been almost half a year from then. I had planned Darkest Night for a while, but it never came to light until I decided to make a new Night Crusade. Thus, it was out with the old and in with the new. I kept the two original characters and got rid of everything else. I had no idea what would eventually come of Nightcat or Wildfire, but for Two more hero teams to emerge, and actually be really good, I was just as happy as could be. The New Night Crusade was a milestone and from there the ride was all down hill.


The New Night Crusade Milestones



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