Night Patrol

During the First Missions The Trapmaster created robot duplicates of the Night Crusade. After capturing the real Night Crusade, The Trapmaster released the robot duplicates to wreak havoc in Gatlin city. It was also at this time that Nightstriker had been tinkering with an android that he had captured from the Pumpkin King. Downloading a copy of his mental algorithms into it and naming it Nightshade, he had planned to some day use it for a robotic butler. However when it was accidentally switched on and discovered that the Night Crusade had been captured, it began to form a rescue plan. This involved gathering together a super hero team. The duo of Sticks and Stone and The Magician Mirror. Sticks posses a back pack that produces stilt like projectiles that can shoot out from cannons attached to his arms and legs. Stone has the ability to transform his outer body into a rock form that makes him pretty much impervious to anything. Mirror the magician uses transformation spells to shape shift into various objects, people, or even animals. Nightshade the respective leader has assault cannons and lasers that eject from various points in his body.

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