Character Profile: Nightcat



When Julie was very young she witnessed her father beaten to death at the hands of Mark Marroni. When he heard her shriek he had his henchmen take her. From that point Marroni forced her to become a highly trained assassin. Eventually she broke his control over her and would have killed him if the Red scorpion had not intervened. Leaving her to figure out which path she wanted to travel the Red Scorpion was unaware that she had followed him back to his base. Julie snuck into Night Crusade base just in time to save Nightstriker from being killed by the Black Scorpion. From that point she was on the team fighting and scratching the villains who would dare cross her. But, when she saw the destruction of the night crusade base and the full onslaught of the trapster's attack, she lost the heart to fight and quit the night crusade. It wasn't until a past foe who sought revenge for a killing she had down while working for Marroni, resurfaced and threatened her life did she find the will to put the costume on one more time. Still a little suspicious of the black scorpion she decided to stay as a part of Prodigal.

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