And He Will

When the road gets rocky and hurts your feet

When feelings get hurt and you just feel beat


When it seems no one will ever care

Then it's time to go to the Lord in Prayer


Ask him for courage and for him to heal

Any misgivings or pain that you may feel


and.. He will


Are You Ready


Are you ready? He said

One night as I lay on my bed


Ready for what? I had to know

Ready to learn, ready to go


Go where, and what must I learn?

He looked and whispered. You must return


Return to where? It wasn't very clear

He replied, To the place you fear


Back to the Battle, back to the race

Back to the Savior back to the Holy Place


You've been gone for so long

You no longer have a song..


Deep down in the depths of your heart

Too long my child have we been apart


You must again pick up your sword

You must again pick up my Word


I will never forsake you

This much is true


I'll keep your path true and steady

Child, you must return. Are you ready?


Beauty IsÖ

I have seen the golden leaves fall to the ground

Iíve seen the precious jewels in his majestyís crown


But if you ask me what beauty truly is

I would sit right back and tell you this


Beauty is, my Loveís dark brown eyes

Her gentle love that wears no disguise


Beauty is her smile and soft touch

Itís how she loves you, oh so much


Beauty is her long dark flowing hair

Itís the power of her affectionate stare


Beauty is in her small sweet kiss

Not a day with her would I miss


Beauty is in her lips that gleam

Being with her is like a dream


No where else would I rather be

Than with my Love right next to me


So Beauty is truly You; my Love

A Precious gift sent from up above



Forgive Me

Will you ever be able to forgive me

I'm selfish and dirty, but don't mean to be


I've said things that have broken your heart

But it's my wish that we never be apart


Without you what would life be

I'm begging you to forgive me


The answer you must say

Will you forgive me yay or nay


Your answer is extremely odd,

but it must be right, for you are God


Your answer was the life of your son

Through him you say the battles won


So now your answer is made clear

You gave your son and wiped away my tear


I didn't deserve the grace that came from thee

But with his blood you said you have forgiven me



Night and Day


You are the beautiful daylight

I am the cold dark night


We are so different you and I

I have the moon, you the sun in your sky


But we can not live without each other

Itís like a child without a mother


It was your love that brought me into the sun

You taught me thereís nothing that canít be done


Then I showed you the beauty of all my stars

And in my darkness you shared with me your scars


I am the deep dark night

You are the bright day light


We are so very much alike you and I

We both watch over the same sky


So itís a futile thought to resist

We need each other or neither would exist.



I wish somehow I could ease your pain,

But when I lift my hand you make me refrain


It hurts me to see you this way

With tears in your eyes everyday


You can't keep this inside, you must let it go

Pain is nothing more than poison to the soul


You are my friend

and I can not pretend


That your pain is not affecting me

Let me help this is my plea


I'll be here if you want to talk

I'll join you in a somber walk


I will listen

As your eyes glisten


With the tears

you've held back for years


Then I'll put my arms around you

Bow my head and cry with you


Then the sun will come out and shine

And we'll leave the pain behind.


Thinking of You

The sun is almost gone with the day

Now the land has grown dark and gray


So here I am sitting, staring at the moon

Hoping that I will be able to see you soon


I sit under the star filled sky, wondering where you are

Hoping youíre thinking of me, looking at your own star


In the lonely silence, I wish you were here with me

In the darkness, I wish you were here to help me see


My heart is crying out for you to hear

A loud sad sobbing, wishing you were near


Near for me to touch and see

Near so together we could be


But Iíll have to look up at my star

Just to wonder where you are


And Pray that far beyond the eye can see

Youíre sitting watching your stars, thinking of me




Until I See You Again

My Love until I see you again

Oh, the places Iíll see you in


Iíll see you in the beauty of the setting sun

Iíll see you wherever couples in love have fun


Iíll see you in a corner on the street

Iíll see you in a stranger that I meet


Iíll see you in a beautiful flower

And Iíll see you in the darkest hour


Iíll see you every time I see a gentle brook flow

I'll see you in the light, of the moonsí pale glow


Iíll see you wherever a ray of golden sunlight gleams

I will see you in the sweetest of all my dreams


Iíll see you in the bright Crystal Lake

You will be in every breath I Take


Iíll see you wherever I go, and all the places Iíve been

I will see you forever, until I see you again.


The Path of you and Me

The Path of you and me was never walked

It was only from a distance that we talked


There were Bridges built and Bridges Burned

There were lessons taught and lessons learned


At times I'd return to the path of you and me

Sit, and stare down as far as I could see


See the path we did not cross

See it still green with grassy moss


Sit and wonder what might have been 

But this is now and that was then


Now I must travel on my path alone

And think back and remember with a groan


Of the friendship we once shared

Of the times when we really cared


Your path has now verged to go with him

and I feel the light on mine has grown dim


My path is still with and for God

He is the very reason on this path I do trod


I have him here with me this I always knew

But I think it would be easier if I could walk with you


But perhaps it's best we did not try

For now all that's left to say is... Good-bye



The Stranger in My World

You were a stranger in my world


You did not fit, but you really tried to

You pretended that you knew exactly what to do


My world was so very different to you

It was like nothing you had never knew


I wondered why you stayed in it

When everyone else would always quit


They laughed at you and you still stayed

They cheated you, but you still played


You did not belong, and I could not see

That the only reason you stayed, was me


You cared for me in a way others wouldn't

You touched a part of me others couldn't


You told me of a man who made the blind see

You told me how they nailed him to an old tree


You said in the grave he did not stay

He arose and lives to this very day


You said through him we could live forever

Others just laughed and said never


But I listened and you made me see

That the stranger in this world was me



The Wooden Rose

I present to thee a wooden rose milady

But please donít think my gift is shady


For have you considered the fineness of the wooden rose

Of the rosesí grand quality not many knows


For take account of this strange wooden rose

It is not in the hard ground that it grows


The scarlet color it bears will never fade

It is with great skill and dedication they are made


It will never wilt, but always be pleasing to the eyes

Just as you my dear are a rare and beautiful surprise


The great wooden rose I offer to thee can never die

Just as the love I have for you, which makes me want to fly


I know we have only started with this endeavor

But like the rose it could last forever


Our love could be as the fair wooden rose

A long love story that shall never close


Oh fair Julianna this promise I do make

Our love like this rose, will never break


And if we shall never meet again remember the Rose of wood

And remember of a time and place where the world was good



The Perfect Day

A normal day is like any other, we fall into our routines Go and do that of everyday life, just to get by, just to live and die

An ok day is me at work thinking about you, where you are what you're doing and hoping that you're thinking of me some too

A good day is a phone conversation with you, hearing about your day and what things you had done, as the night grows steady on

A great day is seeing you in a common place just in passing and looking into your Brown eyes staring into mine, being in the same room able to just reach out and touch you

And a perfect day is meeting you in the park, on a sunny summer day, having a peaceful picnic, and a place for your son to play. Running with a kite string, a Frisbee, or a ball looking at the clouds and counting them all. Lying beside you as the hours begin to fly by. And getting caught in the rain as it starts to fall, but just dancing in it thankful for it all. And though there were ants and squishy shoes, not another day would I choose Because this was a perfect day.  

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