After his defeat during darkest Night, the Black Scorpion became a lone drifter finding no use for being either a hero or a villain. It wasn't until he was almost assassinated and approached by a band of rookie would be heroes that he decided to done the gray and Black again. In the midst of uncovering the truth behind the threat on his life the Black Scorpion was forced to seek out the night Crusade for help. after this explosive confrontation more clues were revealed about the assassin and his next target. Reluctantly nightcat joined the black scorpion to finally bring down the mastermind behind the attacks. in the process the team lost one of their own and went their separate ways. however, due to certain circumstances the team reunited and continued to fight crime in gatlin city. using the old night crusade base as a headquarters the black scorpion leads his team in a never ending fight, trying to find redemption in the process.



  • The Black Scorpion

  • Nightcat

  • Uplink

  • Frost

  • Prodigal Archive

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