Renaissance Festival 2005

    A new year was upon us and that meant a new adventure to the Renaissance. 

"Tis a great day to travel to the Festival!" Contemplates Sir Ryan the Leather knight. So after a failed search for Ryann the Bashful and Rob the Mar- er Merry. He decides to travel to the festival by himself. 

"More Wenches for me, then!!!!"

    And thus Sir Ryan the Leather Knight, traveled to the festival by himself. But on arriving he saw many begin to flee the festival. 

"What is it what is happening?"  Sir Ryan Demanded, and one of the frightened crowd members shrieked. 

"It's a dragon!!!! The most ferocious beast you have ever seen, it's attacking the festival!"

"Great Gory Galoopa!"  Sir Ryan said pulling his sword. With no thought to his own safety Sir Ryan charged into the Festival to face this monstrous dragon! 

"BLAh BLAH BLAH!!! I'LL EAT ALL THE CHILDREN! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!"  The dragon roared and reached for a helpless girl. Sir Ryan moved to save her! After saving the helpless girl and on seeing the huge Dragon Sir Ryan decided he needed a plan. 

"I shall gather a fighting force and slay this vile dragon!" And thus Sir Ryan searched what was left of the festival for his allies. 

His first stop was the jousting field. 

"Surely there would be a mighty knight here who would aid me in slaying the dragon!"  But Alas Sir Ryan was discouraged to find that the knights were fighting in a tournament to see who wouldn't have to go and fight the dragon. And it was only the first round. 

"Cowards!" Sir Ryan grumbled and then he looked and saw a quaint elf who had a bold look upon his face and thirst for adventure in his eyes. 

"You there!" Sir Ryan yelled.


"Aye, you! I need help slaying the fierce dragon so this festival can continue, will you help me?"

"Hmmm Slay a dragon eh,? Well yeah that sounds ok I'll lend a hand!"

And so Sir Ryan had his first Ally. Unfortunately after a quick search he found that he had only one ally. And as the two adventurers headed back to confront the horrible dragon...

"Oh Elfy! You're so cute!!!!! Bring those pointy ears over this way and let me nibble on them!!!!!!!"

"I- I think she likes me." The elf said and walked over to her. And then in a few moments.

"Yeap she likes me alright!"

Sir Ryan looked at the elf dumbfounded, " We haven't the time for that we must slay this dragon and free the kingdom!"

"Umm yeah well good luck with that, and I'll come and check on your progress in oh umm an hour. Maybe two. WAHAHAHAH"!

"Well that's just great! It's hard to find good help these days!"

"Sigh. Ok you scaly Brute, it's just me and you!"

And with that Sir Ryan attacked the dragon and slayed it with in a matter of  minutes. And there was much rejoicing. The Festival was safe again! The king wanted the brave knight who slew the dragon brought to him at once.

"Sir Ryan for your bravery we have a special reward for you!"

Sir Ryan realized he was now about to be rich beyond his wildest dreams and couldn't wait to see how much the King would bestow upon him. 

Needless to say Sir Ryan wasn't going to be Rich when the king handed to him a quarterstaff, and a fancy hat, in which Sir Ryan had to actually pay three gold pieces for the feathery plume.

"Ah this sucks rats! I'm going home!"

But before Sir Ryan could make it out of the gate, shouts of terror rang out!!!

"AHHHHHH! It's a MAD ENT! Sir Ryan you must save us again!"

Sir Ryan took a single look at the Ent and turned toward the gate once more.