End of an Era 

Security Officer No More

On October 12th 2003, I was hired as a Security Officer at Town Center Mall in Kennesaw GA. Having had about three and a half years of experience in Security, I figured I'd be able to handle myself. And now about a year and a half later I look back on a great experience and appreciate all of those who shared it with me. I've had the opportunity to work with some great people and officers, and even made some great friendships that will last.


Officer George Kuria (One of the finest Officers ever under my command!)

Officer Steve Lewis (Best photographing officer! You'll see why later)

Officer David Scott (Best Song Writer/Singer/Security Officer I've ever had!)

Officer Chara Mott (Best listener!)

Officer Mack/Kirk (Most Voracious)

Officer Greg House (Biggest Officer, definitely nice to have in a group kick out)

Officer Ron Fudge (Soon to be Sgt. Fudge) 

Sgt. Weston Terwilliger (A Good Man, and Ex New York Cop)

Major Al Jenkins Director of Security of Town Center at Cobb


Andy Bevis and Laura Ferguson (Guest Services) 

Amanda (Pretzel Time Lower Level Sears)

Mmmmm The Twins!!!! (Thank you Officer Lewis!!!)

Linda (The Sweet Spot Lower Level Macy's)

Awwwww More The Twins!!!!! (Tiffany and Brittany) 

Final Shift

My final duty shift was on Monday February 28th 2005. Captain Shank assembled all Officers on duty in Center Court and called me front and center to present a plaque for my service to Town Center Mall. 

The Plaque Reads as Follows......

Sgt. Ryan Brooks

12 Oct 03 - 28 Feb 05

Success is measured not so much by where

we stand in life, but more so in where we are going

I was also given two cards by two special officers that I was happy to know and work with.


                 George's Card                                            Steve's Card

I'm going to miss the mall and all of the folks I used to see on a daily basis, but I'm confident that I'm moving on to better things. It's been a great Year and a half and one that this web page will pay tribute to. Thanks for all the Hard work each of you Officers have done and there's no way we could have made it without each other. You will all be missed!

Sgt. Ryan Brooks Town Center Mall Security

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