Character Profile: Turtle Boy



Rob Lyle grew up reading comic books and little else. After he graduated high school he began making plans to become the greatest hero ever known. Rob spent hundreds of dollars equipping himself in a turtle themed costume. Sporting the name ''turtle boy'' he set out to rid the us of all the criminal scum he could. This venture didn't last long because of the mocks and jeers he received. The final insult came when he was summoned to the offices of Diamond comics in New York city to determine if a copyright infringement suit was in order. Determined to keep his name Rob bid farewell to the DC ran united states and decided to hang his shell in jolly old England. Rob's  battle shell is made of pure titanium, and it has items that  he can store in it for use during a battle. His shell being hard can also be used as a flotation device if the need arises. Turtle boy has massive strength and a temper to match, so what he lacks in speed and agility he makes up abundantly well for in power.

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