Character Profile: Wildfire



Stepping from the pages of Night Crusade, Wildfire has definitely come into his own. Ben was born a mutant with the power to basically incinerate anything he wanted, but he knew that his power was a big responsibility and decided never to use it. However his attitude changed when he returned home one day to find that his home and family had been killed. He had refused the Black Scorpion when he asked Ben to join the Undergrounders, and this was their response to his choice. Seeking Vengeance on the Murderers he became Wildfire. For two years Wildfire fought as part of the Night Crusade, but when he seemingly lost his powers he decided it was time to hang up the cape. He traveled to England to go to school but found no rest from the wicked. He soon regained his powers and his will to extinguish the criminal population of England.

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